Retirement Planning

Whether you’re early in your career, nearing retirement or already there, planning for it is an ongoing process. Your life is dynamic, and your needs will evolve through the years. Cardinal Wealth Partners will work with you through all of the stages in your life to develop and monitor a plan that takes into account your financial circumstances, as well as your goals for the future. One of the first steps we will take as we work together to develop your retirement income plan is to identify the types of retirement income you expect to receive. This might include reliable income, such as pensions and Social Security, and income from retirement assets, which include your 401(k) plans, IRAs, and savings and brokerage accounts. The next step is to quantify your planned retirement expenses within one of two categories – needs and wants. Finally, you’ll work with your advisor at Cardinal Wealth Partners to adjust your plan as appropriate to help balance income and expenses and ensure your retirement income will sustainably support your desired lifestyle and goals.
*Content from Raymond James