Financial Services

Cardinal Wealth Partners is dedicated to the interests of our clients, offering them the professional guidance they need to help meet their financial goals and safeguard their future and the future of their family. In short, when you become our client, your needs – and the plans we design based on your objectives – drive everything we do.

Investments are a means to an end, whether the goal is a comfortable retirement, a grandchild’s education or a legacy for future generations.

That means our approach is goal-based, not transaction focused. Our objective is to establish a long-term relationship with you, understand what you hope to accomplish during your life and with your legacy, devise the appropriate goal-focused solutions to meet those objectives, monitor results, and suggest and implement changes as needed.

Cardinal Wealth Partners has access to the resources, investment products and tools to determine how to effectively address your needs, develop appropriate strategies, construct well-crafted portfolios and help you achieve your financial objectives.

Our recommendations stem from a comprehensive assessment of your complete financial picture, including balancing your shorter-term requirements with your long-terms goals and the amount and type of risk you can comfortably and appropriately assume.

In our view, while factors such as market fluctuations and interest-rate movements have a significant bearing on your portfolio, our focus should always be whether, at the end of the day, you will have the resources you need to meet your core objectives